I’m all moved in

Well, I’m all moved in, wired up, and ready to go. I still need to get printer paper, I didn’t think I needed it, but I do. That’s easily remedied though. I like the setup of our room, and getting up to the loft is more doable, since I’m in better shape (and 40-50 pounds lighter) than I was at the beginning of last year.

Early night last night, I was incredibly tired, probably from shopping all day. Went to bed about 1:30 ish, so it wasn’t too bad. There was a concert going on across the street from my dorm, so I was able to listen to some music too by just opening my window.

Big news, my family apparently has started talking about going on a cruise for my grandma’s 80th…that would be so much fun. You’re basically 21 when you’re on a cruise, gambling and drinking. A-Woo-Hoo!

It’s about time to start the business ventures up. I think I’ll start with a small online store selling “The Day You Were Born” certificates. It should be simple to set up; $8 for the domain and that’s about it. I’ll type more later, this was just a quick blog to get everyone caught up.

Roommate, part 2, plus much much more

My roommate seems like he’ll be really cool. I checked out his facebook, and he likes most of the same shows I do, and quite a few of the same bands. We’re pretty similar. He’s also pretty chill, which is good, and it means he’ll probably be laid back a bout these little money making experiments.

I just today changed my schedule, instead of taking Financial Bank and Money Markets, I’m taking racquetball I. I want to take the Econ class, but I looked up the professor, and he has a crazy hard curve. This way, I have 12 credits, which means easier 4.0, and I save like $600 when you factor in the book I don’t have to buy. I’m pretty excited about this, it means I will be starting every morning Monday-Thursday with exercise…awesome!

I go back the 23rd, and move in the 24th. I’m pretty psyched because my grandma is making my mom and I food on Thursday…WOOT! I love the breaded chicken, I can’t freaking wait. I’ll miss my friends here, but it’s time to go back. Hopefully all my friends stay friends while I’m gone, so I don’t have to split myself up between them…I also need to find a way to start making money soon. I’m gonna spend around $1500 on school fees/expenses I think, just when I get back.

My Professor I’m working with on research already contacted me so we can make a time to meet and start working again. I think it was easier when we hadn’t made contact yet last year, and I got paid for august for doing nothing 🙂 I guess I don’t get that luxury this year. I get paid the 15th, plus I still have like $100 from my summer job at LISD, which NEEDS to hit my account soon.

Anyway, I’ve kept you for a while, so I’ll be gone.

My roommate

So MSU made a little mistake. The kid I was gonna room with (Phil) is going to Cornell instead of MSU. We signed up to room together, and when he dis-enrolled from the school they said it would be terminated, but it wasn’t. However, he called, and it’s been fixed; I was already assigned a new roommate. Hopefully he’s a tolerant kid.

I sent him a quick e-mail, but he hasn’t responded…maybe he doesn’t know to check his new MSU e-mail address? Any suggestions on that? Anyway, thought I would say that, I’m pretty excited to figure out what this kid is about.

I also found out how to make my website work with www.dormroombiz.com as well as dormroombiz.com (That’s with and without the www)

PS: If you need advice on how to do this if you have a blog and use godaddy, send me a message, I know it was very difficult for me to figure out.

e-Bay Forex Arbritage

I noticed something recently when trying to figure out a way to make money on e-bay. It’s another idea that requires some capital, but it looks to have fairly consistent gains.

When I was coming home from Austria/Italy last year on a choir trip, I looked on e-bay to see if maybe people on e-bay would pay more than the exchange rate I could get anywhere else (and with astronomically lower fees). I discovered that they did purchase euros for about $0.05 more per euro than at the services. This number varied based on the denomination. Unfortunately, I used all my Euros to buy chocolate and other duty free items.

I have thought about this for some time, and have looked again, only to find that e-Bay buyers are willing to pay about $1.43 per euro, whereas the accepted change rate was only $1.37 at the time I checked it. So…if you found some low commmission currency converters, you could theoretically make a pretty penny selling euros on e-Bay.

One tip I would have is to charge a handling charge; you will have to go to the post office to buy insurance, you need to go to your currency conversion agency to get the currency, and you have to put up some currency to start. I would suggest getting the Euros in fives, and then charge around $1-$2 more than shipping for a handling charge. This way, you will likely make up your money you pay in commission fees.

I want to try this, but I can’t do that until I have all my fees paid for fall semester. I’m looking at about $2000 in fees/books after all my scholarships are used. I should be able to do this, with about forty-seven cents left over for other things.