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My Dad Has a New Website

Quick post this time. First of all, my phone comes Monday, so I’m going to be very excited on Monday. Secondly, my dad just launched a new website to help preserve memories. Here’s the write-up on the site. His website can be found at www.eventcollage.com

“When you take pictures at family events or vacations you end up with many photo’s of the event. We will take your individual photo’s and turn them in to a beautiful Collage to commemorate the Event.

We will resize and crop photo’s as necessary so they will fit on an 8×10, 11×14 or 16×20 inch Collage. See the sample at the right. Click on the picture to see more examples.

We can work with digital photo’s or if you send us photo prints we will scan them in and create the Collage. We offer several Collage sizes as well as other services. See our Products page for details. If you want something specific that you don’t see here we also offer custom services.

Call or email and let us know what you want.

We look forward to doing business with you.” [www.eventcollage.com]

Again, if you want to see his site, go to: www.eventcollage.com

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Sorry For The Lack of Posts

I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while (15 days to be exact) I’ve been quite busy. I had a paper and two tough quizzes on Thursday; an incredibly difficult mid-term yesterday, and a final for a half semester class today. I think I performed decently well on all of them, but it still wasn’t fun; it also required quite a bit of studying. My marketing professor is very proud of the fact that no one has gotten a perfect score on his midterm in 6 years, I wanted to kill that statistic…I don’t think I did.

With better news, I’m getting a new phone and I am absolutely psyched about it. It has built in GPS, a full keyboard, and too many features to count. It’s an HTC TyTn II (AT&T Tilt). It has everything I want, and then much more. I hear a Google phone might actually be on the horizon, but I don’t want to wait for it, so I’ll just get this now 🙂 I’ll post pictures when I get it, and I can even blog from it if I want to. No one knows how excited I am about this.

Also, I’m pretty fed up at HP right now. I bought an ink cartridge last year, and when I used it, it didn’t work; it was a defective cartridge. I went ahead and contacted them, and was told I would receive a new ink cartridge. I never did, so I contacted them again, tried the troubleshooting steps again, and was told I would be shipped a replacement. I still have not. HP is a few days from losing a VERY loyal customer, and that is NEVER good. When you lose a loyal customer, that is not just future revenues lost, but all other revenues lost by my friends potentially. Why is that bad? That’s terrible. We’ll see if they step it up in the next few days. I’m also sick of the Indian customer service representatives who speak “English” but are just copying and pasting from a script. I’ll let you know how it goes.

During the writing of this post, I learned that my new phone has been ordered already; WOOT!

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Dorm room Business is going to get a store

All I need to be working on right now is the store design. I’m a little rusty on my web design skills, so this is taking longer than anticipated as I relearn everything I’ve forgotten. If anyone would like to volunteer their skills, I’m sure I could make it worth your while. Anyway, I’m also looking to get glow shot glasses. You squeeze them, and they produce a neon glow for hours. It looks like a lot of fun, and I know that many kids in my dorm alone would LOVE those. I still haven’t decided for sure whether I will be targeting kids or adults. I originally thought I would target those mothers who are sending their kids away and want to buy them everything, but there’s only so many products you can sell to them, so I started looking at selling to college kids who may not have money, or the drive to order something.

I’ve been a little lazy lately, partly driven by the new highs in October. People should be wearing sweaters, not flip flops. This heat isn’t pleasant in my non-air-conditioned dorm room either. It is supposed to dip tomorrow though so I will probably see an increase in my focus. I know it sounds crazy, but it really does affect me…the weather/temperature that is.

Other than that, there’s not much to report, I’ll make a big deal at the next break through. I’m still VERY pleased with my logo, and the other buttons/designs I’ve made. I think it looks like it fits with the name I’ve chosen. As always, I love your feedback.

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