I got the shot glass up

Well, it’s not where I expected to be at this point, but I have one shot glass up on the store. I plan to put more of them up, but I’ll be generally without internet this weekend. You can see the shot glass on my store, they’re really quite cool.


I also have some temporary tattoo’s to put up, as well as 3 other colors of shot glass. I got my first order on the site, but Google Checkout screwed up and I didn’t get an e-mail, so 6 days later I find out I have an order waiting. I felt really bad, but it went out on time. That’s all I’ll say to protect privacy. Anyway, I know I’ve been falling off on posts, but I’ll post more next week, I finished my week with 3 exams this week, with a very small amount of sleep; next week I’ll have plenty of time to take care of this.

I got more Inventory, it goes up after my break

Well, I’m on my spring break right now in Texas, but as soon as I get back to Michigan, my new products go up on the store. I got glow shot glasses, 16 blue, 16 red, 16 green, and 12 yellow. One of them was pre-cracked (it came glowing, which means I can’t sell it) so the company I bought from put a credit on my account so I can get an extra one next time I order from them. I also bought a bunch of temporary tattoos. I was going to put these up before spring break, but I decided to wait until after spring break to upload the products and really promote the store. I figured if someone ordered something while I was in Texas, there was no way I could fulfill the order, and that would be bad for business.

Since I got to see one of the shot glasses pre-glowing, I was able to see how cool it was. It was really quite awesome. I just thought it was going to have a little novelty, but I really liked taking a shot out of it, there’s something cool about a glowing shot glass, it just felt right 🙂

Anyway, I should probably begin uploading the products on Monday, and I’ll start serious marketing. As far as I can tell, I am going to have some of the least expensive glowing shot glasses on the web. The tattoos are going to be great add-ons to other products. They’ll be cheap, but they’re really cool tattoos. I got the armband ones, wristband, and a couple types of Chinese symbols. I figure they’re fun little items that people can pick up with their purchase.

This is going to be a short post, because I have to go get ready for a dentist appointment, but it’s been good to get a few thoughts out there and let everyone see where I am.