Entrepreneurial Specialization

Well, I’ve taken the plunge (an obvious one for me) and declared an entrepreneurship specialization to add to my degree. It requires 12 extra credits (I just so happen to have one extra semester that I don’t need).

I’ll be taken a few classes that are exciting, mostly about analyzing an implementing a plan in the real world. I wanted to take an accounting class for entrepreneurship, but it’s not offered all next year, so I’m replacing it with Emerging Enterprise Law, which is a law class about starting a new, smaller venture.

This brings up my point; use the resources you have available to you. There is a wealth of opportunity out there for you, at your respective schools, or at work. There is almost always an opportunity to learn more, and you should use the tools available to you. Figure out where you can learn more; especially in this highly competitive environment, the more you know, the more likely you are to get a job.

Remember, these companies that are still hiring are looking for people who not only have a fair amount of knowledge, but also those people who are enthusiastic when it comes to learning, and those who have the ability to learn. Show companies that you are willing to get out there and learn what is available. A great way to do this is to join an organization. I’m a member of the Supply Chain Management Association (my major), Students Consulting for Non-Profit Organizations (my future career goals), Student Investment Association (great life skills), Broad Scholar Organization (honors program in our Business School), Honors College.

Everybody knows that recruiters like to see students that are involved, but do you know why? They would like to see you take a leadership role, because that is the buzz topic right now in business, “we need new leaders”, so they are looking for leaders. However, not every company NEEDS new leaders, sometimes the best leadership tactic is knowing when to follow. Think about it, it is sometimes better for the team when you decide to follow, than when you clash with the “leader”.

Involvement also shows passion, interest, and the desire to learn; these organizations are a great way to learn, a great way to network, and a great way to build your resume. Join these organizations as much as possible, and be as involved as you wish to be. I like to go to most events for the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) and Students Consulting for Non-profit Organizations (SCNO), and pretty involved with some of the others. I’m going to an SCMA dinner tonight, to a golf outing with them, where I will be paired with a recruiter. I hope you can see how helpful my membership is to me. I am making myself a very marketable individual, and I also love learning what I do from these organizations.

So while I started by saying “use your resources available”, I am going to narrow it down by saying, get involved. I know you hear it all the time, but I hope this gives a little insight as to why you should get involved.

It feels good to be writing again.

A note on risk taking

So, an aspect of ANY business is risk. If you want to start any business, you will be taking a risk. I found this interview by one of my favorite Food Network stars, Alton Brown, and I think it is a great one to watch about risk taking. Learn to live a little, and feel that raw emotion of fear, and risk.

I am usually quite risk averse, and that is something I want to fix. No one has ever made lots of money by being truly risk averse. You might make a good living, but you know what, you’ll never be one of the greats!

Give that a watch, and I am SO sorry I’ve been so nonexistent on this blog the past few months. I have been incredibly swamped, but I am going to make a commitment to working on this blog more. I owe each and every one of you an apology.