On the Way to the World Domination Summit

I’m sitting here in the Delta Sky Club in Salt Lake City waiting for a flight to a truly transformative experience.

I'm happy!!!
I’m happy!!!

I’m on my way to the World Domination Summit in Portland (Oregon). This is an annual event hosted by Chris Guillebeau for Entrepreneurs, Web “People” and just generally awesome folks. And I don’t use the word “Awesome” lightly.

Side benefit – I get to see one of my best buds Erik, with whom I worked on Bar Crawl Bingo. He moved to Portland about the time I moved to Texas, and I haven’t seen him since. It should be a great time!

See, we really are good friends
See, we really are good friends, especially after some drinks in Vegas

(Erik, don’t hate me for posting the above photo!)

I’d like to document this experience, so you’re going to get raw, unadulterated reflections each day this weekend, as I capture my thoughts and feelings. Look to Padorec.com for updates.


That’s all for now, but there should be plenty of juicy posts coming in the next few days!

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