About Padorec

A lot of people ask where the name Padorec comes from. It’s simple. Padorec was started by Paul Dominic Recchia.
PAul DOminic RECchia!

Paul is a simple man, a kind man. He has been interested in personal development since his early teen years. Reading, and applying concepts to every aspect of his life to take the reins of his existence. He has had a presence on the internet since age 10, designing web pages, and starting one of the early businesses on e-Bay at the age of 13.

Paul is insanely dedicated to Self-Improvement. He has focused on Personal Development, Productivity, and Boosting Happiness since he was a teen. His mission in life is to leave humanity better off than he found it.


In College, he began blogging with “Dorm Room Business”, and has not looked back.


He discovered the formula of Health+Wealth+Love = Happiness, and he has used this to develop great success in his life. Each tenet of a happy life has the power to strengthen the others, or the ability to drag them down. When Health, Wealth, and Love get out of balance, our happiness truly suffers.


Padorec focuses on developing these three factors to give you back the keys to your life!


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