Welcome to the New PADOREC

I changed the name of my blog.

It used to be “Life in 30 days” which I LOVED as a name. I had business cards made up (okay, I printed them myself) with the name of the blog, the link, and a QR code (those are those crazy squares that you can scan with your phone that about 14 people have ever scanned)

So why in the world did I change the name of the blog??? It was such a beautiful name, such an elegant concept. Here’s why I did it: It was super super focused. It was a blog about one thing, and one thing only, and that’s 30 day challenges for self-improvement and general merriment. It’s a fantastic motivational tool but as a blog, it can get old quickly.

And here’s the kicker: if I were to write about another motivational tip, or a great recipe, or a cool book I read, then it would not fit the theme of the blog. That does not make for good reading, and it gets confusing. So here’s the deal – I have not reached monumental blog status yet where a name change is a major issue.

A blog about photography: Great
A blog about photography of the Pacific Northwest in the Winter: Gets old fast

“But Paul, it’s good to hit a niche”
I agree – niches are good, but a super niche is not always the right thing for blogs. (Yes, I just invented the term super niche…that’s what Shakespeare and I have in common…we both invented words) And here’s the issue with a single Niche – my interests are not a single niche, and NEITHER ARE YOURS! I like to read about motivation, I like to read about science, I like to build things, I cook, I brew beer, I start businesses, I do a whole lot of things. Ever heard of the Singularity? Well if I kept this as a 30-day concept, then you never would!!! What knowledge would be missed.

“Okay, I get it, the 30-day concept is dead”
Not at all. I will still do 30-day experiments, and you will still hear about them, but it won’t be the singular focus of this blog.

“Okay, so then what the hell will you write about?”
Well, I can write about anything. This blog doesn’t have an incredibly concentrated theme. I will find A theme, but I am not going into this blog looking for a single theme which I will write about. I’m going to feel around for a while, and see what comes out of it.

By opening up the reach of this blog, I’m going to allow myself the freedom to write more often. I know, this isn’t supposed to be all about me, it’s about you. But until I find stuff I like to write about, I can’t deliver any valuable blog posts to you.

The reason for the name? Well, I was impacted by Steve Pavlina in his post “Branding is Fear Based B.S.”

Note that I write at StevePavlina.com, not FakePersonalGrowthBrand.com. My company name is Pavlina, and I really don’t care what that means to anyone. “

PADOREC is my brand. It’s a unique name, and it is me. I won’t tell you why – you can figure out the puzzle.

So there you have it. There is a new game in town, and it’s called PADOREC. Lifein30days.com will point to this blog for a while, but eventually it will disappear. 

Look forward to great new content, and awesome, superfantastic, helpful tips on motivation, personal development, new science, and puppets.


P.S. I probably won’t write about puppets, but I could.

Why is Paul not Finishing these things?

Hey, wasn’t that 30 day motivation idea awesome?
Didn’t you just love that idea?
I thought there would be so much value in that experiment!
Then why did that bum not finish it?

I clearly just got lazy, unmotivated, and didn’t want to do anything ever again, so I couldn’t even finish a simple 30-day motivational challenge, right?


I ran into a problem of being too motivated. I couldn’t contain myself!!! I thought I would learn lessons on how to keep myself motivated, and I did (to a certain extent), but when you are at your peak motivation, then how do you keep yourself from running wild!!!

I’ve been finding lifehacks, entrepreneurial tips, productivity tools, and have been improving the quality of life. I’ve found out how to get rid of a lot of the useless crap that used to consume my life, and am now running much more efficiently. With efficiency comes extra mental RAM space (See David Allen’s Getting Things Done) and that leads to happiness, and the ability to think clearly. This is all good stuff!

Another issue I encountered – I set too lofty of a goal. I aimed to write once a day for 30 days. Guess what…shit happens! If I asked you to write once a day for 30 days, it sounds easy, if you can write about anything you want.

Here’s the issue: I was writing once a day for 30 days, which was a 30 day challenge, and also I was trying to motivate myself once a day for 30 days. I had a 30 day challenge x2. I was trying to cram 60 days of challenge into a measly month! This was just too much for me to handle. On top of that, I had work (we just kicked off a new project, dontcha know) and all of these entrepreneurial things to tend to, that I could barely handle 15 days of challenge in 30 days, much less 60!!!

    Write once a day for 30 days
+ Self-Motivate once a day for 30 days
= 60 days of motivation needed
– 15 days of challenge that I could handle that month
= -45 days of challenge

I was at a 45 day deficit!!! You just can’t argue with that math 😉  <<AT LEAST one post per week.
That’s right, you are only guaranteed one blog full of juicy information once a week. I might post more, I might not, but I can safely commit to once per week

Another Change
I know, I know, I’m changing up the frequency of the blog, what else could I be doing?
I may be changing the format of the blog. I love the 30-day challenge as a motivational tool, it’s truly a great concept, but I feel constricted. Sometimes, I just want to write about something else. I like to learn about a lot of subjects, and they don’t always lend themselves to 30-day challenges.

I’d like to move to a format more like a typical blog, with 30-day challenges thrown in. I could see it being more like Steve Pavlina’s blog (www.stevepavlina.com) which has lots of juicy information, and he’ll go on different challenges from time to time (My favorite to read was the Polyphasic sleep experiment)

As for the motivation challenge. Well, I didn’t finish it, but I’m still riding that motivational high from weeks ago. I’ll have a follow up post about that in the coming days, with summaries and tips and all that juice information that I know you’re all craving. It’s coming, don’t worry.

Oops, I forgot. Motivation Day 6

Well, I missed a couple of days. I have an excuse, but the truth is that I simply lounged a bit too much this weekend. I was active, but not too active.

I had a friend come out, and we had a grand old time – skyping with my sister while we had a few libations. It was a great time, and was good for the soul…so I don’t feel guilty about it 🙂

Now, on to the challenge. Remember, I was supposed to find things that I finished, and start writing a list of them to show that I have a track record of completing things.

The problem is: I looked at my huge projects and said “I’m going to finish those”. Then, I didn’t finish them, and I started to feel like I was failing. Well, when I thought about it, I realized I had missed the point of the challenge entirely!

I should not have tried to bite off the big challenges in my life to make a list of completions – I needed to take small steps, to show that I do finish. That then becomes motivation for the bigger tasks.

My completions list:
1. Completed the expense report I was putting off at work
2. I decided which tires I want for my car (have to wait a couple of weeks before I can get them put on)
3. I finished watching all of the episodes of Boardwalk Empire (okay, that’s an easy one, and no motivation was necessary, but still, I finished it!)
4. I finished making my cinnamon snap liqueur (it’s delicious!)
5. I finished scanning in all my filed documents to Evernote 

So there you have it. I’m well on my way to having a rich, full, completions list, and you can too.

Tips for you

  • If you are looking to set a track record of something (for me it was finishing, but it could be anything for you: Starting, thinking, being kind to strangers, etc.) don’t necessarily set lofty goals and set out to achieve them.
  • The goal is not to change your behavior right now – the goal is to recognize that you already do whatever action you are interested in increasing in your life
  • Don’t let any achievement be too small – see completion #3 for me up above.
Day 7 Challenge
Embrace Your Willpower (Tip #29)

This is a simple concept, but one that everyone can benefit from.
First of all: Know that you do have willpower. It exists in all of us, but we need to strengthen it. 
“If someone were to put a large barbell weight on the floor in front of you and ask you to lift it and you knew you could not, you would not say ‘I have no strength’, you’d say, ‘I’m not strong enough‘”
We always have willpower, but if it is weak, we need to work it. If you wanted stronger arms – you would work them out, if you wanted stronger legs, you would work them out, so if you want a stronger willpower, you will work it out.
The first step is to acknowledge that you have willpower – done. I know that I have willpower. I have utilized it many times, so I know it is there.
Step two is to know that your willpower is yours to develop. I’ve done this before, and it worked pretty well. I would put a brownie, or cookie, or whatever, in front of me – and just stare at it. I would want it, but I would not eat it. I was testing my willpower, but also strengthening it.
My challenge, therefore, will be to take at least 5 challenges tomorrow in which I push my willpower. Perhaps it will be with a delicious treat, or the desire to sit back and watch TV, or to browse Facebook. I’m not sure what form it will take, but I will show that I do have willpower. 
I invite all of you to join me in this challenge, and post in the comments the 3-5 things you have done to strengthen your willpower!!!

This 30-day challenge is to use one tip per day from the book “100 Way to Motivate Yourself” by Steve Chandler. The goal is to find great methods for self-motivation which can be used in the future.

At long last, motivation, and how you can too

Reading note: The new challenge is at the bottom of this novel of a post.

If you haven’t noticed: I have not done more than one damn post in the past, I don’t know, 32 years! You see, it was a question of motivation, or rather the lack of it. Now I’m not talking about monetary motivation, or career motivation (let’s be honest, this blog won’t help me with either of those things) I’m talking about good old self-motivation. I used to have plenty, but then it dwindled, and then it disappeared.

I have a tendency to go through motivational cycles. Sometimes, I’ll have no desire to really do anything, and the next moment, I’m incredibly into reading, or working out, or cooking, or learning piano, or…you name it. But inevitably, that motivation dies down, and I fade away. I usually go back to it at some point, but there’s a dead period in between.

Some of the “motivational cycles” that I’ve had:

  1. Chocolate Making
  2. Reading
  3. Working out
  4. Learning Piano
  5. Learning Guitar
  6. Making Pasta
  7. Making Bread
  8. Becoming a pick-up artist (that one worked out real well)
  9. Eating Healthy
  10. Losing Weight
  11. Living Long Enough to Live Forever (See Transcend: Nine Steps to Living Well Forever)
  12. Roasting Coffee (currently)
  13. Brewing Beer
  14. Writing Music
  15. Computer Coding
  16. Starting a Business
  17. Being Stylish
  18. Being Perfectly Groomed
  19. Mixing Drinks (Mixology)
  20. Writing a Blog
And there’s more, but I just wanted to show you that there are a number of things for which I’ve become highly motivated. The problem is: I almost always will lose interest, lose motivation, and not finish what I started.
In fact, I was recently in such a bad slump that I feared I would never come out of it. I was on a project at work which sucked the life out of me. It had me searching for a new job even (I have since moved on to a new project, and have restored my faith in my company) I felt in a rut, and I was finding myself escaping, whether into music, news, politics, or, mostly, TV shows. I watched all 3 seasons of Arrested Development…twice. I began watching Cheers, I watched every episode of Shark Tank more than once. Finally, Shark Tank pulled me out of the slump. 
Problem: I go through motivational cycles in which I am intensely motivated, but soon lose interest and at the same time, the motivation.

Solution: Figure out what motivates me, and keep doing it!

I had an epiphany during my recent kick of motivation (actually, while sitting at a Chinese restaurant waiting for food – I was going through a Chinese food kick. The benefit being that I learned how to make some kick ass fried rice). The epiphany – if I am not always motivated, then why don’t I figure out what is motivating me, and make sure I can recreate those conditions. 
It’s simple, right? Well it took me 24 years to figure that one out. The exception is at the gym, where I had a playlist specifically designed to motivate me. It started out fun, but then towards the end, when things got tough, it got incredibly spirited and energetic. 
So, I thought to myself:
Me: Well, what typically motivates you?
Paul: Hmm, I’m not sure – Shark Tank motivated me because I want to be like the sharks – not ruthless necessarily, but stylish, well spoken, and highly capable
Me: What else?
Paul: Hmm, I’m not sure, but I bet someone has written a book about this.
Me: You’re right! Let’s search Amazon 🙂 
So I found a book which had great reviews, and promised to help me motivate myself. I bought it for Kindle, and just started reading it yesterday. I must say, it is quite handy so far. It is an easy read, and is organized into 100 tips for self-motivation. A tip from a reviewer was to read this multiple times (spaced out, of course) and soon the actions will become part of your habit.
I am currently on #27: Create the Way you Relate. However, I had a great idea – why not take on some of these challenges. Maybe even one per day. Maybe even for a whole month!
Challenge: Follow one tip from the book: 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself: Change Your Life Forever (Link at the end of the post) per day for 30 days

Each post will have a breakdown of the progress in the current day, and a preview of what is to come for the next day. As I go along, hopefully you’ll get some helpful tips, and maybe even decide to buy the book for yourself (If you go through my link, I’ll get a few pennies, so that’s always appreciated)
Day #1: Stay Hungry*
This stems from advice the author received from Arnold Schwarzenegger (before he hit it big). “‘It’s the same process I used in bodybuilding,’ he explained. ‘What you do is create a vision of who you want to be, and then live into that picture as if it were already true'” (Chandler Loc137)
So the goal is to picture yourself how you wish to be, and then strive towards that goal.
“A major part of living a life of self-motivation is having something to wake up for in the morning–something that you are ‘up to’ in life so that you will stay hungry” (Chandler Loc137)
“The vision can be created right now–better now than later” (Chandler Loc143)
So tomorrow, I will set out to create a vivid picture of who I wish to be. And even better, I’ll write it down here, so it will be here to stay, as a reminder. 
*Though this will be tomorrow, I will plan out the challenges the night before, so I’m not forced to think something up in the morning. 
If you’d like to check out this book, please see the link below (note that a new edition is due out Nov 22. of this year)
If you’d like to pre-order the new edition: 

Increasing Your Reading

So, I recently had a challenge that I “quit” because it wasn’t an actual challenge. It was a way to say I was doing a challenge while not really changing my behavior at all.

That challenge was to read 30 minutes a day. I already do this most days, so it was a pointless challenge (i.e., it wasn’t a challenge at all. A challenge should be challenging)

But, for those of you who may have thought this would be a great concept for you to follow, I can provide some tips.

  1. Find a comfortable place to read! A lot of people think a great place to read is in bed. This doesn’t work for me. I can’t stay comfortable reading in bed for more than about 10 minutes. For me, the best place is a comfortable chair. The best place I’ve ever read was on a double chaise lounge in my Uncle’s back yard in his place in the Mountains of Scottsdale Arizona, with a fire going. It was sublime. 
  2. Read things you enjoy reading. So often, we do what we think we should do. “Well, I’m supposed to enjoy the writings of Hemingway and Fitzgerald. I think I’ll read some of their books”. If you don’t like their writing, or you don’t like fiction in general, then don’t read it. I prefer non-fiction myself – Business biographies, Business development, self-help, Theoretical Physics, etc. That’s what I like, so that’s what I read. Remember High School? If you didn’t like the books, then you probably just didn’t read them.
  3. Find a routine. This doesn’t apply to everyone. Heck, it doesn’t even apply to me. I don’t do well with routines. I prefer to do things as they come to me, so if I’m in the middle of a book, I may pull out my phone, my tablet, or my kindle, and pick up where I left off. However, if you’re looking to increase your reading throughput, create a routine. Say every night, before going to bed, I’m going to read for 30 minutes. Or just, “I’m going to read before bed” – the amount of time will likely vary depending on how tired you are. This provides a couple of benefits. The most important one is that you will focus on yourself, and have something that you enjoy doing. If you are taking care of a family, they will know that this is your time. It’s important to have time for yourself, and don’t let anyone (family, friends, or work) take that away from you.
My last tip is for anyone who wants to reduce clutter in their life, without sacrificing a book collection. I have probably 100-200 physical books right now…I also just moved. Those two things do not go together. Books are freaking heavy, and moving them is a pain. I nearly killed my back trying to move my big box o’ books. As part of the move, I’m looking to reduce the crap I have in my life, so I decided to pick up a Kindle from Amazon. You can use any e-reader, but I prefer the Kindle because of the content dominance, and the apps that work on my other devices.
The coolest thing is something called whispersync, which syncs up where you are in the book with the cloud. So if I read to page 142 on my Kindle, then when I pull out my tablet or my phone, it asks if I want to jump to where I left off. Yes, please! I’m still building my collection there, but it is growing quickly. I especially like all the free books. You get tons of classics free – so if you want some of the classic books (1920’s and earlier), you can have them free. I’m also reading up on Einstein for free. Additionally, the books are cheaper on Kindle, so if you digest a lot of books, like I do, then you will make back your money quickly. I’ve already saved ~$20 on books in the month since I got it.
My recommendation is the Kindle Touch (wi-fi or 3G, your choice. I went with wi-fi, but I kind of wish I had gotten the 3G). It’s light, and it just kind of disappears in your hands – you forget you are reading on a device. I also recommend you get it with special offers. It essentailly brings up new offers in your area from Amazon Locals. I actaully prefer it, because it gives you special deals, and it knocks $40 off the price of your Kindle. If you hate them, you can get rid of them by paying the $40, but everywhere I read said that they are better than the standard, and I agree.
Anyway, if you want to check out the Kindle, check the link below, and see if it’s right for you! It’s highly recommended by me, and let me say, I was one of the people who always said he would never ever get rid of his physical books!!!

Reading Challenge is Called Off

So, I have not done my reading every day like I set out to do, but that’s okay. Let me explain why.

The motivation behind the new challenge was to make myself more productive. The problem is this: I already read frequently, but I have fallen down on this lately, due to a number of other things popping up in my life (family, friends, a dinner party I just threw…stuff creeps up)

I realized last night that this challenge was not in the true spirit of this blog, or of the concept. It was a cop-out. I felt like I should have a new 30 day challenge, so I came up with an easy one. Since I already read frequently, 30 minutes a day would be easy. The purpose of the 30-day concept is to challenge yourself. So, with that all said:

I am cancelling the 30 day reading challenge

Finally, a New Challenge! Reading Every Day

So, I completely fell off the wagon with my blogging. I did complete the “No processed or refined carbs” challenge. It didn’t stick, but it was very eye opening. My co-workers hated me, pretty much, because I was being difficult.

I’m still difficult – I don’t eat meat anymore. Not by choice…I just had a sudden, unexpected aversion to meat. It all happened one day at the grocery store, and I haven’t had the desire to eat any meat since.

I’ll keep this one short, ’cause I know you probably don’t have a ton of time to read this 🙂

My new challenge is

Read at least 30 minutes every day

Now, my goal is for one hour, as I’ve done that before, but I figure for 30 days, I can take it nice and easy and go for a 30 minute minimum. It can be anything, as long as it’s not for work.

1. Magazines (I like Men’s Health, GQ, and Entrepreneur)
2. Books
3. Educational Electronic Reading

I recently bought a Kindle, so I can buy lots of books for free! I just downloaded a couple of Nietzsche books that I’m looking forward to reading. I’m also going to read a few physics books.

Today, I read Men’s Health, and finished it. It’s a great magazine. I learned quite a bit…but I’m too tired to tell you about it, so I’ll just say: Sometimes the best medicine is to take a smoothie made from Saline and Poop.

Last night, I finished a great book about Vagabonding – I hope I can take off for a few months at some point! That would be fantastic 🙂 It was called Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel by Rolf Potts

It was a great book. I’m going to leave it at this, and I’ll tell you more about what I’m reading tomorrow. Maybe Nietzsche, maybe Michio Kaku, and maybe, just maybe, some J.K. Rowling

Day #5 & 6: No Refined or Processed Carbohydrates

Day 5: Success
Day 6: Success
Success Rate: 83.33%

I know, I know, I missed day 5. So sue me. I was busy with…not doing a whole lot, just relaxing.

Anyway, I had a great weekend – on Saturday, I went with eggs and hashbrowns (homemade – I cut up the potatoes from scratch) and sauteed with onion and olive oil. Lunch was…well, I missed Lunch to be honest. For dinner, I made a fantastic fruit smoothie, with banana, frozen berries, some milk, and some cacao nibs (raw chocolate beans) mmm, mmm, was it delicious. A Late dinner was at a place called Frankies – a sports bar. I got some chili, as I hung out with a buddy while we watched the games. He also realized something great for me – I can drink wine! No beer, no liquor, but wine is okay, because it is made from grapes, not from grains. I’m calling it okay, mainly because red wine (I’m only going to drink red) has much of the “goodness” of grape juice in it.

Today, I was hanging out with some friends (they slept at my place last night) and they slept much later than I. I woke up, as usual, at 6am…although I did go back to sleep until 8:30am. I still was up before them, and I made some more homemade hash browns. I know, more potatoes, big whoop. There is calcium in the skins (you do eat the skins, right?)

For lunch, we hit up a place called Mooyah, which is a burger place. I ended up grabbing a burger, but it was an “ICEBurger” which means they used iceberg lettuce instead of a bun. Couple that with lots of veggies, mustard, etc. and it was a pretty great burger! The fries were also pretty great…we split a large.

Dinner time was special – it was like practice for thanksgiving dinner. Roast turkey, sweet potato (whole, not mashed with marshmallows)  zucchini (fresh organic of course) and rolls (which I skipped)

I also had to skip the gravy, unfortunately. It is made with flour (or sometimes with cornstarch) and it can’t be eaten by me.

All in all, it was a good day, with good friends, and a great bottle of pinot noir to finish it.

I’m now off to Vegas to kick off a new project. It should prove to be difficult, but I can certainly do it. I’m not finding that I’m desiring the processed carbs, but it is just a challenge to avoid them! Food manufacturers like to put then in everything because they are cheap, and they even make you MORE hungry, like a crack dealer who gives you “just a little” crack for free (but more on that later…the carbohydrate thing, not the crack thing)

Day #4: No Refined or Processed Carbohydrates

Day 4: Success
Success Rate: 75%

Okay, okay, I know that today isn’t over yet, but I’m pretty sure I’m done eating for today, so I’m calling this one a success.

I started the day with a planned juice fast. There was just one problem, well, two problems really.

Problem the first: The fruits and vegetables I had were pretty dry, so I was not getting much juice out of them at all. This makes for a pretty poor juice fast, when you juice three hands full of spinach, an apple, and 5 carrots, and I barely got a glass of juice out of it.

Problem the second: I didn’t feel like going to the store to buy fresher vegetables.

So, I ended up eating a few solid food items towards the end of the day, but I followed the challenge anyway.

So here’s the food:

Juice. 5 carrots. 3 handfuls of spinach. 1 apple.

Juice. 6 carrots. 3 handfuls of spinach.

Mid afternoon snack
I made some eggs for this. Just a couple of eggs, mixed in with some pesto, and some parmigiana cheese (yeah, I don’t like the standard boring eggs that some people like to eat). They were good, and a quick little snack.

I made up some brown rice, which is good enough by itself, but then…

I mixed up some carrots (lots of carrots today!) and some onions, sauteed them in olive oil, with sesame oil, Mongolian fire oil, and soy sauce. It became super delicious, and would have been great by itself.

I then tossed in the brown rice, and a little more soy sauce. Yum. Yum. Yum.

So now I’m stuffed, and don’t quite feel like moving. But seriously, tomorrow morning, I need to grab some vegetables for juicing, because that really is great for you.

Overall, a successful day, though that’s pretty easy when you are at home, and half of the day is spent juice fasting.

Day #3: No Refined or Processed Carbohydrates

Day 3: Unsuccessful
Success Rate: 66.7%
Cause of failure: Mistake

First of all, I determined that the liquor would count as a processed carbohydrate. The reason is this: If you look at the description of the challenge, you’ll find that I said: “just those that have had their goodness sucked out” – this is the sole reason that I determined that the liquor is not allowed. It will be so very tough, now that I have excluded liquor, but hey, it’s only 30 days (and that is the point of this blog, after all).

Anyway, back to the cause of failure. At lunch, I got the same brown rice and lentils, with edammame salad, apple salad, and pesto pasta. I was so focused on the sauces surrounding these items, that I forgot that I had ordered pasta! I actually threw out the apple salad – once I tasted it, I tasted sugar in the sauce, and in the trash it went.

It was about 3 hours later that it struck me “you dummy, you ate pasta, and on day 3”. Oh well, so I ate about 1/4 cup of pasta as part of the salad, and I proved I’m not human. I guess it just proves that this won’t be as easy as I thought, and that I’ll need to be on my toes for the whole 30 days.

On to the meals:


I am coming down with something (did I mention that already in a previous post? I think I did). I happen to know that one of the best things you can do to speed through an illness is to go on a juice fast. I went to the cafe, and bought some Naked brand “Berry Veggie” juice. I’ve had it many times before, and it is a great juice. It’s one of their only varieties with vegetables in it.

Solid Breakfast


Well, as I mentioned already, I got the salads, and a “C-Machine” juice. Again, it works, nothing special.


I got this one at the airport. I had tried to get moved up to take the earlier flight through Minneapolis, but they couldn’t do it. Oh well, I went to the Boulevard Brewery restaurant, and I got the Chili and the Southwest Salad. Chili was quite tasty – beans and meat. The salad was great – it was a spicy dressing (I hope beyond hope there was not sugar in there. I tasted it extensively, and there was no sweetness to speak of). The salad also had fajita chicken, tomatoes, cheese, avocado, and other stuff. I sidestepped the crackers, and I was on my way.

That was at about 4pm, and it was the last thing I ate for the day. I planned on grabbing an apple in First Class from Atlanta to Dallas, but I fell asleep before takeoff, then woke up after landing. I did have to sidestep the Byrd cookies in the SkyClub in Atlanta. I havent’ had these before, so I wanted to give them a shot, but I have commitments to follow damnit!